FRM301 - Manageable Rack for Fiberoptic Devices of the FIB1 Family



The MDD FRM301 Series is a standard 3U Media Converter rack that features 16 cards capability with options for redundant power and SNMP management. Ethernet to fiber converters are available for 10/100 Base (auto) over multi-mode fibers (up to 2KM), single-mode fibers (up to 120KM) or utilizing WDM (up to 20KM). WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) converts each input data stream into separate wavelengths (colors) and simultaneously transmits these channels through the same optical fiber. Using WDM technology, the RX and TX pair is transmitted with just a single fiber cable instead of the normal fiber pair. Another unique feature of the FRM-301 is the use of a common PCB card which may either be placed in the rack or used as a standalone converter. Manufacturing costs are thereby reduced as well as the inventory of spares required by installers and end-users. Visit our website to see our complete fiber series.

The following fiberoptic Converter are available for the MDD FRM301:

  • MDDFRM301-10/100: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet
  • MDD FRM301-100: Fast Ethernet
  • MDD FRM301-1000: Gigabit Ethernet
  • MDD FRM301-E1: G.703 transmission 2,048 Mbit/s, transparent (E1)
  • MDD FRM301-T1: G.703 transmission 1,544 Mbit/s, transparent (T1)
  • MDD FRM301-Data: synchronous transmission of 64 kbit/s to 2,048 Mbit/s for V.24/X.21/RS530
  • MDD FRM301-Serial: asynchronous transmission for V.24/EIA422/EIA485

complete overview

Technical Features

  • Dimension: B: 480 mm T: 280 mm H: 131 mm (3 HE) , ca.10 kg
  • Power: 90 ... 264 V~ oder 18 ... 56 V=
  • Temperatur: 0 ... 50°C; max. 90% Humidity

Order Number:

  • MDD FRM301-CH: Rack for 16 Fiberoptic - Converter, incl. redundante Power
  • MDD FRM3-PSUAC: Power AC 230 V ~
  • MDD FRM3-PSUDC: Power DC 48 V =
  • MDD FRM301-SNMP: SNMP Management Card for MDD FRM301 incl. MIB
  • MDD FRM-SNMP-GUI: Management with Software for Rack Systems
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