MDD Converter for all Interfaces

G.703: 64k-Family

  • Converter for X.21/V.35/V.24/RS530 and RS449, G.703 for 64 kbit/s
  • Co-direktionale, contra-direktionale or centra-direktionale Transmission
  • Invers Multiplexer combined 2 Channels G.703 zu 128 kbit/s X.21

Product Overview G.704/64kbit/s (Englisch) in PDF-Format

G.703: E1 - Family

  • Converter for X.21 / G.703 for 2,048 Mbit/s un- and framed
  • Bitratadaption for n x 64 kbit/s
  • Repeater for long Distance

Product Overview G.703/G.704 E1-Family (Englisch) in PDF-Format

Media Converter for all Interfaces

  • V.24 to RS485
  • V.24 to X.21/V.35/RS530/RS449/V.36
  • V.24 to Ethernet
  • V.35 to X.21/V.24/RS530/RS449/V.36
  • Asynchronous to synchronous Converter
  • Fiberoptik - Converter for V.24, RS485 and RS422

Productoverview Interfaceconverter (PDF-Format)

Systems for 19"-Racks

  • G703 - Converter for Industrie Devices
  • 2-Mbit/s G.703 - Converter for Racksystems
  • Fiberoptic Converter und Media- Devices
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