Racksystems for MDD- Products

Rack for FIB1 Fiberoptic- Devices with redundand power supply

for up to 16 Fiberoptic- devices with SNMP und Telnet management

mounting kit for industrial- converter in one HE

Racksystems for G.703-Konverter

Racks for 64 kbit/s codirektional converter and 2 Mbit/s E1-Converter

  • unmanageable racksystem for G.703-Konverter 64 kbit/s
  • Rack for 64 kbit/s codirektional Converter, G703/64A-STD
  • managable Racksystem for G.703-Konverter 2 Mbit/s
  • Rack for E1 (2,048 Mbit/s) Converter
  • unmanagable Racksystem for G.703-Konverter S-1 Serie
  • Rack for 64 kbit/s codirektional Converter and E1 Converter (2,048 Mbit/s)
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