VDSL Modem Con.


VDSL (Very High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line) is the latest member of the xDSL family of technologies and it promises data rates up to 2 x 15 Mbit/s over a single pair of copper, as in telephone installations, and this up to a distance of 1.2 km, in some cases up to one mile.

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Specifications of the VRM01/8:

  • 8 VDSL-ports with 2 10/100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet ports in reduced-size model.
  • 5/10/13 Mbps transmitting throughput with 1.0/1.2/1.5 km distance on 24 Awg phone wire.
  • Spectral compatibility with XDSL, ISDN(2B1Q/4B3T) Ethernet transport with POTS / ISDN traffic over single copper wire pair
  • Internal ISDN/POTS splitter reduces costs and improves reliability because one less device is needed in the network.
  • Unique management access software provides easy device configuration and ongoing management by Web interface.
  • Supports broadcast storm filtering.
  • Cascading up to 8 Units along with 8 + 1G switch
  • High performance with ARM 7 RISC CPU
  • Supports LACP IEEE 802.3ad Trunking
  • Supports GARP/GVRP IEEE 802.1p/q tagging-base VLAN with 256 groups.
  • Supports IEEE 802.1v protocol-base VLAN classification
  • Supports IEEE 802.1d Spanning trees for MAC bridge with redundant link.
  • Support Fan and Temperature management function
  • Fast address migration to support IEEE 802.1w Rapid reconfiguration.
  • Supports IP multicast/IGMP V1 with 512 groups for VOD
  • Supports IEEE 802.1p QOSSupports LACP IEEE 802.3ad Trunking
  • Supports port mirroring function
  • Supports SNMP v1 RFC-1493 Bridge MIBs,RFC-1643 Ethernet MIB,RFC-1213 MIB II,
  • Enterprise MIBsSupports RMON groups 1(Statistics), 2(Alarm), 3(Event), 9(History)
  • Supports TFTP/xModem for firmware upgrade
  • Integrated universal power supply for 85…265 V AC, power consumption 20 W

Specifications of the VRM01/24:

  • All functions of the 8 port device plus the additional here mentioned functions:
  • 2 RJ21 connectors for VDSL and 24 filtering ports for ISDN or POTS (plain old telephone service)
  • Provides 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps auto-sensing RJ-45 port plus 1 x Giga RJ-45/GBIC (fiber) Auto-Link Ethernet port for Trunking or cascading.

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