SiteBoss S410


Remote Cabinet Monitoring and Remote Access

The S410 can be used in remote cabinets or enclosures, from small BTS locations up to large walk-in enclosures. This small device supports remote environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, water, smoke, entry, motion, and airflow within these remote locations. The S410 delivers alarms in-band via ethernet only, and is specifically designed to be integrated with an SNMP software. The S410 also has a single ethernet to serial terminal server capability. The S410 is available for operation in a -48VDC or +24VDC environment as well as standard AC environments. The S410 has a wide operating temperature range for small cabinets without a controlled temperature.

Featured Benefits

  • Monitor alarm conditions on up to (8) on-board dry contact closure inputs, allowing you to monitor external equipment, detect open doors, windows, or water on the floor (door/window/water require external sensors which are not included)
  • Two of the sensor inputs can be ordered as voltage sensors (+/-60VDC or 0-5VDC) instead of dry contact closures (Optional)
  • Pass-through access to one serial device
  • Switch remote equipment with (2) on-board relay outputs (Optional)
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • On-board humidity sensor (Optional)
  • Power small, inexpensive 5VDC hubs in -48VDC environments using the power output feature (Optional)
  • Generate SNMP traps to your network management system
  • Easy-to-understand MIB supports approximately 200 MIB OID's
  • Compatible with ProVision®, HP Openview®, Spectrum®, Intermapper®, Nagios®, SNMPc®, Netcool®, TrapServer®, and all other SNMP-based network management systems
  • +24/-48V power input (Optional)
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