Internet Power Switch IPS-15M-CE and IPS-15S-CE


Note: This power Switch is discontinued. Replacement is the IPS-400CE!!

Modular Internet Power Switch


  • Web Browser Access for Easy Setup and Operation
  • Encrypted Password Security
  • Expandable to Five (5) Individual Outlets as 1 Master and 4 Slaves
  • Expandable to 17 Outlets as 1 Master and 4 Groups of 4 Slaves
  • Each Outlet can Switch a 10 Amp Load
  • On / Off / Reboot Switching
  • IP Addressed, 10Base-T Interface
  • RS232 Modem / Console Port
  • Network Security Features
  • Manual Power Control Button

The IPS-15 Internet Power Switch allows you to use your web browser to reboot remote units and control power at remote installation sites. In addition to the web browser control interface, the IPS-15 also features a convenient ASCII command line interface via Telnet or using the serial port, which allows the unit to be controlled by commands issued by software. Access to both the web browser interface and command line interface is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to power control functions. Passwords are transmitted using basic 64 bit encryption to ensure that they remain protected and that access to your equipment remains secure.

Technical Details

IPS-15M-CE Master Modul, 230 V

  • 1 Output 10 A at 230 V
  • Control DB-9 Stecker, DTE, V.24
  • 10BaseT Ethernet
  • Link Port für Slave Modul daisy chained via RJ11 cable
  • Dimensions W 147 mm, D 178 mm, H 45 mm
  • Commands ON, OFF, BOOT

IPS-15S-CE Slave Modul, 230 V

  • 1 Output 10 A at 230 V
  • Link Ports via RJ11 cable
  • Dimensions W 117 mm, D 178 mm, H 45 mm
  • Commands ON, OFF, BOOT


  • IPS-15R 19"-Rack Mount Shelf for 3 IPS-15EC (1 Master und 2 Slaves)
  • IPS-15ZU Rack Mount Bracket (1 per Device)
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