115/230 VAC, 16 Plug Network Boot Bar with 16 and 20 AMP


For applications that require 230 VAC power control, the NBB-1600-CE Network Boot Bar allows you to control 230 VAC power on up to sixteen different (16) devices. Like our other NBB series units, the NBB-1600-CE also features "Zero Unit" mounting, allowing you to add power control capabilities, without sacrificing valuable rack space. The NBB-1600-CE includes two separate AC power circuits; each circuit will accept a load of up to 10 amps maximum. A simple, user-friendly Web Browser Interface provides clear, effective control of switching, reboot and configuration functions, and a handy ASCII Text Interface allows command mode access for control via Telnet. The NBB-1600-CE also features two different levels of password protected security; an administrative level which is used to control switching and reboot functions and select configuration parameters, and a user level which has switching and reboot capability, but is not allowed to change configuration parameters. Passwords are transmitted using basic 64 bit encryption to ensure that command mode access remains secure.


  • Web Browser Access for Easy Setup and Operation
  • Encrypted Password Security
  • Sixteen (16) Individual Outlets
  • Dual 10 Amp Power Circuits
  • Total 16/20 Amps Maximum Load
  • On / Off / Reboot / Default Switching
  • User-Defined Power-Up Default Status
  • Easily Mounts to Equipment Rack
  • Power-Up Sequencing
  • IP Addressed, 10Base-T Interface
  • RS232 Modem / Console Port
  • Network Security Features
  • Manual Power Control Button
  • For 230 VAC Power Control
  • 5 Plog Models also available

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