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Company profile

Multi Data Digital (MDD) has concentrated in the development and the distribution of special products for data communication. With our solid background in the area of transmission over copper wires using all available technologies like G.703, base band modems, and xDSL in their different flavours, we know how to get data from one place to another. We know how to convert data or voice to different protocols and interfaces to get it to the place our customers need it. Today this can be via fiber optic cables, wireless modems, and still using copper cables.

Remote Site Management, Modems, conversion of interfaces, adaptation of existing devices to new requirements, these are our strengths. In addition we have with our own development created niche products that fulfil tasks no other product can.


Multi Data Digital is active as a system integrator, service provider and manufacturer in the area of networking for industrial customers. The long-standing experience of our employees allows us to solve problems that our competitors for a long time have not been able to do. We can bring into a project our own experience together with the collaboration of our partners, and the rich knowledge of our development department.


Customers of Multi Data Digital are all sizes of companies, with special emphasis to transportation companies, Telecom Carriers, and Internet service providers, but also cities and federal authorities. Customer orientation and customer connection are the decisive signs of our action and our enterprise culture as a middle-size company. Further we supply global electronics groups with our products to support their " time to Market strategy ".

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