Remote Switching of Power



When network devices lock-up, the problem can often be corrected by cycling power off and on in order to initiate a reboot. Although this procedure is simple when the device is located in the next room, it can be troublesome and expensive if the device is located at a remote site. MDD's remote power control and reboot products provide a reliable, cost effective way to re-start "locked-up" devices at remote locations, using ASCII commands sent via modem or network

230 VAC and 48 VDC Internet Power Switches

The new IPS Internet Power Switches allow you to control up to 16 230 VAC power outlets at the click of a mouse. Each individually controlled 230 VAC outlet can be switched on, off, rebooted or set to a user-defined default status using commands issued via your web browser, telnet program, remote modem or local PC. The IPS family is designed for rack mount applications, and provides two different levels of password protected command security; the Administrator Level password allows access to all switching, reboot and configuration functions, while User Level passwords permit switching and reboot control, but do not allow the unit's configuration parameters to be changed. In order to ensure command security, passwords are transmitted via web browser using basic 64 bit encryption. The IPS with 8 or 16 power outlets include two separate 10 Amp power circuits, providing a total of 20 Amps maximum load.

  • MPC Serie 19"e
  • CLM Serie 19 "e
  • 19" Internet Power Switch
  • 4-Port Internet Power Switch IPS-400-CE with Browser
  • 8-Port Internet Power Switch IPS-800-CE with Browser
  • 16-Port Internet Power Switch IPS-1600-CE with Browser
  • 16-Port Netwok Boot Bar NBB-1600-CE for Rack
  • 5-Port Network Boot Bar NBB-230 for Rack
  • Advanced Internet Power Switch IPS-15CE with Browser
  • Remote Power Switch RPS-10
  • Power Satellites for high current Applications
  • 48 VDC Power Switch with Telnet- and / or serial Control Port
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