Secure Console Management Switch SCM- 8 or 16 ports


The SCM Series has been replaced by the RSM Series of Terminal Servers !

Asynchronous Port Switch for Telnet and Modem with encryption


  • 8/16-Port Terminalserver
  • SSHv1, SSHv2, Telnet and Dial-Up Access to Consoles at Remote Locations
  • Secure UNIX Serial Console Management
  • Secure Local or Remote Console Port Switching
  • Manage Multiple Console Ports using a Single VT100 Terminal or PC
  • SSHv2 Secure Console Manager


  • Secure Shell (SSHv2) Encryption
  • Simultaneous SSH Sessions
  • 10Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Non-Connect Port Buffering
  • SYSLOG Reporting
  • SNMP Capability
  • TACACS & RADIUS Server Compatibility
  • Any-to-Any Port Switching
  • IP Filtering Security Features
  • Dial-Back Security on Modem Port
  • Command Logging with Audit Trail
  • Port-Specific Password Protection
  • Data Rate Conversion, 300 to 115K bps
  • NTP Server Ready
  • Modem Auto-Setup Command Strings (User Definable)
  • Easy-to-Use Menu/Commands
  • Menu Driven or Discrete TCP Port Connections
  • Up to 64 Different User Accounts
  • 110 VAC - 230 VAC Auto Sensing Power Supply
  • No Unintentional Breaks

The SCM-8/16 Secure Console/AUX Management Switch provides secure, in-band and out-of-band access to RS-232 console ports and maintenance ports on UNIX servers, routers and any other network elements which have a serial console port or craft port. System administrators can access the SCM-8/16 via TCP/IP network, using SSH or Telnet, or out-of-band via modem or local terminal. After contacting the unit, simple, menu-driven commands are then used to connect to serial maintenance ports or select configuration parameters. In addition, the SCM-16 also allows you to access maintenance ports using discrete TCP port connections, mapped directly to one of the SCM's 16 serial ports

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