G.703 (E1/T1) Repeater: ETR-01 und ETR-04 Regenerator


(G.703 Regeneration Modul for E1 and T1 Lines)

The ETR01 and ETR04 are E1/T1 long-haul, OSI
Layer One repeaters. The compact design, low cost,
and easy operation make the ETR an excellent choice
for E1 or T1 link extension.

The ETR01 provides a simple 1 pair (Tx/Rx) in, 1 pair (Tx/Rx) out repeater interface, while the ETR04 provides a 1 (Rx) in, 4 (Tx) out interface. Setup is extremely simple. Just select the proper termination impedance from the three position slide switch (75 or 120 Ohm for E1 or 100 Ohm for T1) and then select the proper line code (AMI or B8ZS for T1, HDB3 for E1).

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