ETU-01A: G.703/G.704 (E1) Converter with SNMP


The ETU01-A provides an economic digital access solution for E1 and Fractional E1 network services. A DTE device may be linked to an ETU01-A at data rates of 56Kbps to 2048Kbps. The ETU01-A features user replaceable dataport modules for a number of interface standards including V.35, X.21, RS-530, RS-449, and RS-232. The ETU01-A supports local control and diagnostics via LCD display, keypad and LED status indicators located on the front panel as well as via an RS-232 console port in conjunction with a standard terminal. These features enable users to easily configure the unit, execute the in-service diagnostics and monitor the network status.

The ETU01-A provides optional SNMP ( Simple Network Management Protocol ), which allow the user to remotely control, diagnose and monitor the system.


  • Integrates High Speed Data and E1 link with an
  • intelligent E1/ Fractional E1 Access Unit.
  • Data Interface: V.35, RS-530, X.21, RS-449, RS-232, G.703 64 codirectional, 10Base-T Ethernet, voice,
  • and NRZ/ BNC.
  • Selectable data rates:
  • Nx64Kbps, Nx56Kbps
  • Setup and Control via front Panel with LCD display or ASCII terminal.
  • Supports SNMP Network Management System (optional).
  • Complies with ITU G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, G.823.
  • IDLE Code:00-FF by user setting
  • N56K every seven bits followed by one (1)


G.703 Interface Specifications

  • Framing:Unframe/ Frame
  • CCS(PCM31)/ CAS(PCM30)
  • Bit rate: 2048Kbps
  • Line Code: AMI
  • Line impedance:75 ohm, 120 ohm
  • Relative receive level: 0 to -43dB
  • Jitter performance: According to ITU-T G.823
  • Complies with: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, ETSI ETS 300 420 and G.732
  • Interface connectors: 15 pin, D-type female BNC x 2, RJ48C
  • Return loss: 12dB for 51-102K HZ, 18dB for 102-2048K HZ, 14dB for 2048-3072K HZ
  • Surge Protection: DC Sparkover Voltage- 230+/-20%
  • Impulse Sparkover Voltage: 650 V max(1kv/us)
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